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Partner Leagues: Fall Ball Information

Fall Ball Information

Did your child love summer ball and wants to continue playing?

We encourage you to sign your kid(s) up for a fall baseball/softball team to continue developing their skills and love for the game.

Two of our partner leagues host fall baseball/softball leagues on the same youth fields you played on this summer!  Below are registration details:

GEAYA (Greater East Austin Youth Association)/Mabson Field 

Ages: Boys & Girls ages 5-12
Price: $50 per child
Registration Information: The deadline is register is September 1st. Register your child in-person from Monday-Thursday 6pm-8pm OR on Saturdays from 12-2pm at 2816 E 12th Street, Austin, TX 78702.

NAO (North Austin Optimist) 

Ages: Boys & Girls ages 4-14
Price: $80 per child (6U is $50/child)
Registration Information: The number of teams will be capped on August 26th so be sure to register soon! Games begin September 8th.

We hope you all have a great fall season!

SPOTLIGHT: 9U Softball Nationals

RBI Austin Spotlight: 9U Softball Nationals

Meet this week’s spotlights from the 9U Softball Nationals!


Nyah Muckerson

8 Years Old
1st Year with RBI Austin
9U SB Nationals

Q: Is this your first year playing with RBI?
Nyah: Yes. It is my first year playing RBI, not first time playing softball.

Q: How did you hear about RBI
Nyah: From my mom!


Q: What do you hope to learn this season in softball or skills outside of baseball?
Nyah: How to slide and stuff like that. My mom said if you don’t know how to slide and you don’t slide into home then it’s an out, and I don’t want to get out.

Q: Do you really like it?
Nyah:Yeah, it’s my favorite sport! I want to play forever.

Q: Who is one of the biggest influences on your life?
Nyah: Jackie Robinson. He was the first black person to play baseball.

Q: Why do you think it’s important to play on a team sport?
Nyah: Because if you’re not playing on a team you don’t necessarily have the experience of softball or a sport.

Q: What do you like most about having teammates?
Nyah: They cheer on for you.

Q: What’s one of your favorite things about the summer league? Practices or games?
Nyah: Both!


 Jacquelynn Dolly

 Mother of Nyah Muckerson
1st year with RBI Austin
9U SB National

Q: How did you hear about RBI?
Jacquelynn: A friend of a friend.


Q: Why did you decide to enroll her in RBI?

Jacquelynn: She just started playing in the spring, and I wanted her to get more experience. I heard good things about it so we enrolled!


Q: What is one thing that you hope Nyah will learn this summer?
Jacquelynn: I’m hoping she advances her softball skills and also just how to be a team player, like a real team player where she communicates with her team and hopefully a team leader.


Q: What do you think a team leader looks like? What qualities do they have?
Jacquelynn: She’s a positive role model, she cheers the team on, cheers her teammates on and shows them how the game is played.


Q: What is the best thing about having Nyah play softball?
Jacquelynn: I like that she gets to meet a lot of people from all kinds of backgrounds and hopefully she’s able to advance with them. Lifelong friends is what I’m hoping for and maybe they’ll play together in high school.


Q: Why do you think it’s important to play on a team sport?
Jacquelynn: They learn things that you cannot learn at school or at home. Working as a team versus being selfish and wanting to get the shine, I just think it’s important. Everything in life, when you go to work or school you have to do things as a team.


Q: How do you think the sport of softball prepares the player #BeyondtheField?
Jacquelynn:  Well with my child, I think it helps her think quicker. She has to be able to move and think and react. I don’t know about softball being a sport that teaches teamwork differently than any other sport. What I like about softball is that it’s with girls and it’s her first team sport where it’s just girls and you know they get to act like a girl and do girly things.



Rebecca Poulos 

9U SB Nationals Coach
2nd year with RBI Austin


Q: How did you learn about RBI last year?
Rebecca: I’ve been going to the Austin Stone community church for about eight years and RBI is talked about there because of For the City and the connection and how they work out of the same building. I did a women’s development program and they had a section where they talked about For the City and talked a lot about RBI.


Q: What made you come back this year?
Rebecca: I would say just because of how much joy it brings to coach a team. I got to coach a coach pitch team last year with the Benjamin family and there’s no greater joy than getting to play baseball during the summer with a bunch of 7 or 8 year-olds and getting to share my faith and tell them about Jesus. It’s an added bonus and probably the best part.


Q: What is something that you hope these kids will learn this summer?
Rebecca: Gosh, I think if anything how to play softball. I think the skills that they learn and just as a team, working together with other people and other girls that they may not know. Getting to know them and cheering each other on and I think at the end, just knowing that they’re known and loved, and that somebody cares for them, and that they can do anything.


Q: Who is one of the biggest influences on your life?
Rebecca: My parents. I love them, and they’ve done a lot for me and sacrificed a lot for me to get me where I am today. Loved me well and provided for me.


Q: Why did you want to coach this age group?
Rebecca: I’m a teacher for 3-5 year-olds so I’m not really around the older kids, but I think part of it is that after t-ball they kind of start developing skills and they’re pretty independent and so you’re just teaching them those skills. There is something about 7-8 year-olds and they’re fun to coach. They’re an enjoyable age group and bring a lot of joy. I think they’re able to communicate and they don’t necessarily need their mom and dad right behind them.


Q: How do you feel the game of softball improves players #BeyondTheField?
Rebecca: Well it motivates them, and it makes them push themselves to get out of their comfort zone and learn that they can do a lot of different things they may not have thought of before. It makes them work hard and develops something inside of them to try new things.

RBI Austin Uniform Shop — 6/9

RBI Austin Uniform Shop

Still need to purchase pants, belts, and socks for your player? The RBI Austin Uniform Shop will be open THIS Saturday, June 9th. See details below:

WHEN: Saturday, June 9th from 9am-12pm

WHERE: The For the City Center (500 E. St. Johns Ave, Austin, TX 78752) in the Ridgetop Room

WHAT: RBI Austin Uniform Shop where you can purchase pants, belts, and socks for your favorite RBI Austin player. Prices are below:

  • Pants ($10)
  • Belts ($5)
  • Socks ($5)
  • All Three Combo ($15)
  • RBI Austin Parent T-Shirt ($10)

Players will receive a team jersey and cap from their coaches at their first game. However, children are responsible for providing their own pants, belts, and socks.



Meet your team at Jr. RBI Opening Day 6/2

Jr. RBI Opening Day – Meet Your Team!

Saturday, June 2nd at The For the City Center

Did you register your child for the 2018 Jr. RBI Summer League?! Wondering what’s next and when things are going to start?

Join us at next Saturday’s Jr. RBI Opening Day at The For the City Center (find your check-in time below). At Opening Day you will meet your coaches + team, get practice location and time, and have the opportunity to purchase belts, pants, and socks for your child. 

There will also be food and entertainment because we’re celebrating the kickoff to the 2018 Jr. RBI Summer League!

Please review important details below.

Jr. RBI Opening Day Details
Meet your coaches/team and enjoy food, fun, and festivities to kick off the 2018 Jr. RBI Summer League!

DATE: NEXT Saturday, June 2nd


  • 10:00 – 11:30am (check in at 10:00) — Group 1: 12U Softball, 9U Coach Pitch Softball, and T-Ball
  • 12:00 – 1:30pm (check in at 12:00) — Group 2: 12U Baseball, 10U Baseball, and 8U Coach Pitch Baseball

To make the check-in process quicker, we are hosting two check-in times based on division as shown above. Players will only be able to meet their coaches/teams by attending their assigned time.

LOCATION: The For the City Center (500 East St. Johns Avenue, Austin, TX 78752)

Questions? Call us at (512) 381-7137 or email

Can’t wait for this season with you and your family!

Final Chance to Pay In Person

Final Chance to Pay In Person
THIS Wednesday and Thursday

Because of Sunday’s rainout, we are offering two final chances to pay for the 2018 RBI Austin Summer League this Wednesday, May 23rd and Thursday, May 24th.

You can complete payment in one of two ways:

  • Pay online by logging into your account at
  • Pay in person at one of the onsite payment days below:
    • Wednesday, May 23rd from 5pm-8pm at the RBI Austin Office, 313 E. Anderson Lane, Bldg 3, Suite 100, Austin, TX 78752.
    • Thursday, May 24th from 5pm-8pm at Mabson Field, 2816 E 12th St, Austin, TX 78702.

In order to guarantee your child’s spot on a team, you will need to complete your payment either online or at one of these two onsite payment days.

If you have any questions, please email or call 512.381.7137.

Top Five Immediate Needs

This Spring’s Top Five Immediate Needs

As a donor, your partnership holistically contributes to RBI Austin spanning departments, programs, or projects. You have a unique perspective into our organization that others may not, and we’re grateful for the ways in which you support the various facets of RBI Austin.

We currently have a number of immediate needs across various departments of our organization.  

  1. Summer Volunteers
    We need summer coaches, mentors, umpires, scorekeepers, sound system operators, and concession stand assistants. Another practical way to help with is need is to provide an introduction to your church so we can announce RBI volunteer opportunities at a service.
  2. Referral to a concerete company willing to provide us a deal
    We are planning to install a new batting cage at one of our fields!
  3. Referral to a scoreboard company willing to provide us a deal
    We are hoping to install some new scoreboards!
  4. Storage Space
    We are seeking 500 – 1,000 sq ft of storage space for RBI equipment. Ideally this space will be located in proximity to 183/35 intersection
  5. Team Sponsors 
    We have 2018 Jr. RBI Team Sponsorships available. This is a great opportunity get your corporation, employer, or personal business connected to what is happening on the ball field this summer. View 2018 Jr. RBI Team Sponsorship information.

If you have possible leads for any of the above, please email

Why RBI Austin? Q&A with Curtis Thigpen

Q&A with Curtis Thigpen

The city that I love, the game that I love, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Meet Curtis Thigpen and his family. The Thigpens have been faithful donors and champions for RBI Austin over the past 8 years. Hear how Curtis describes what we do and what it means to him.

  • Share with us a little bit about yourself (hometown, college, careers, family).
    I’m from Forney, Texas and attended the University of Texas.  I’ve been married to Natalie for 9 years and we have two daughters, Landon (7) and Elin (5).
  • When and why did you first give to RBI Austin?
    I’m not positive when exactly I first gave to RBI Austin. It was probably in 2010 through either a monetary or an equipment donation.
    I do know I decided to give to RBI Austin because it was a program created to engage with and help develop underprivileged kids in Austin (the city that I love) through the game of baseball (the game that I love) with an approach that is rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
    There couldn’t be an organization that better aligns with my personal interests!!
  • Why have you continued to give to RBI Austin?
    I’d like to think that this is a mission that I would have continually given to regardless of the “success” that RBI has had over the last 8+ years.
    First, I’ll say that I consider RBI Austin to be an extremely successful organization not by the amazing year-over-year growth of players and money raised, but by the fact that the mission, passion, and heartbeat of the leaders of RBI Austin has not changed since inception. That is a big part of why I continue to give.  Plenty of organizations grow quickly, but very few maintain the level of quality like RBI Austin has.

  • How would you describe our mission? What does it mean to you?
    Engaging with, caring for, and helping support and develop kids, parents, coaches, and volunteers through the game of baseball. Organized sports, in this case baseball and softball, can provide amazing life experiences and can open up so many doors for everyone involved.It’s such a privilege to help provide an opportunity to those who wouldn’t ordinarily have one.
  • What’s your favorite thing about Austin? 
    My favorite thing about Austin is how well-rounded of a city it is…maybe the most well-rounded in the country!  No matter what you are into or what you enjoy, you can likely find it here!  


We’d love to hear your RBI story! How did you get involved with us? Why have you been involved? Stories of hope and encouragement? Stories of seeing the Lord change hearts? Stories about how your time with RBI has shaped or changed you?

The Lord has given us all a story, and we want to hear how He’s used RBI — no matter how small of a part — in yours!

Share your RBI Austin story!

Team Sponsorships Summer 2018

Team Sponsorships


Great Sponsor Perks

Team Sponsorships are available NOW. From having your name printed on the back of an RBI Austin team jersey to receiving a framed team photo, there are some great perks for sponsors. And you’ll have a chance to win Houston Astros tickets, too!

Team Rewards

Even more exciting, teams that participate will be able to win some great Team Rewards.

How to participate?!

You can download and print/email the Sponsorship Brochure and the Team Rewards information. Please begin spreading the word to family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, local businesses, etc., and if you have any questions, please email

View RBI Austin Team Sponsorship Form
Sponsor a Team Now!
View Team Rewards

April 8th Clinic & Summer Registration Kickoff Day

RBI Austin Spring Clinic and Summer Registration Kickoff Day!

Summer registration for Jr. RBI Baseball/Softball (ages 4-12) and RBI Softball (ages 13-16) opens NEXT week on Monday, April 2nd! We are looking forward to another fun summer of baseball and softball!

To get everyone in the summer spirit, we are hosting an RBI Austin clinic and summer registration kickoff day on Sunday, April 8th from 2-4pm at Mabson Field! Sign your kids up for the clinic and invite your friends to join as well!

Here are the details:

What: RBI Austin Spring Clinic + Summer Registration Kickoff
Who: Players ages 4 – 14 (Baseball & Softball)
Where: Mabson Field (2812 E. 12th St., Austin, TX 78702)
When: Sunday, April 8th from 2-4pm
Cost: FREE
How: Click here to register your player for the clinic

Sign up for the 4/8 clinic today!

Other key important dates and details:


  • Monday, April 2nd: Summer League registration opens for Jr. RBI Baseball/Softball (ages 4-12) and RBI Softball (ages 13-16)! We’ll email you the registration information on Monday or you can register in person on April 8th.
  • Sunday, April 8th: RBI Austin Clinic + Summer Registration Kickoff Day at Mabson Field for baseball and softball players ages 4-14 years.
  • Saturday, June 2nd: RBI Austin Opening Day at The For the City Center — meet your coach and your team!

We can’t wait for another summer at the ballpark with our RBI Austin family! Hope to see you next Saturday!

P.S. For boys ages 13-18, summer registration opened last week! Click here to register for the RBI Baseball Summer League.

Sign up for the 4/8 clinic today!