Fruits of the Spirit: LOVE

This summer, we’re diving into the Fruits of the Spirit together with our teams, families, and players and this week we’re focusing on LOVE.

You might have heard the Bible verse where Jesus tells us to love our neighbors as ourselves. This can be easy to do when our neighbors are our friends, but it’s so much harder to do when they are people who aren’t “cool,” people who are mean to you, or even our opponents on the field.

Jesus was the perfect example of someone who loved those who were hard to love — tax collectors (Luke 19), adulterers (John 7), and even those who killed him (Luke 23).

There are so many ways that we can show God’s love through our interactions with teammates, opponents, coaches, and umpires. We can tell our teammates “Good job!” when they get a hit or make an out.  We can listen to our coaches as they teach us to get better at fielding.  We can congratulate our opponents on a well-played game. We can thank our umpires for donating their time.

How will you show God’s love to those around you this week?


“Love your neighbor as yourself.” Matthew 22:39


View the Love Fruit of the Spirit handout for ways to practice with your family, kiddos, or players.

Fruits of the Spirit

This summer, we’re diving into the Fruits of the Spirit together with our teams, families, and players.

The Fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) are Christian virtues that reflect God’s character to others. The Bible teaches that if we walk in the Spirit, we can practice these fruits. Walking in the Spirit means that we can think of ourselves as players on Jesus’ team. 

Jesus willingly shares His life with us and leads us by example. He teaches us how to live out each fruit. Walking in the fruits of the Spirit means we are consciously serving others, as Jesus Christ served us. Jesus is the strength needed to serve deeply and practice each fruit.

Each week, we will be sharing about a fruit of the Spirit found in the Bible. We invite you to incorporate some of this content into your team’s rhythms this summer, and we’d love for you to walk with us as we learn about God’s love for us in this way.

If you want to talk more about this week’s fruit, reach out to your team’s chaplain or Jessica Escalante at